Catherine Neyman aka Katia Dumanskaya (catnet) wrote in proverbiaphiles,
Catherine Neyman aka Katia Dumanskaya

Do you know what these proverbs mean?

I am writing my thesis on American proverbs, and all of them contain body parts like hand, head, etc.
Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea what some of the proverbs mean or in which situation they can be used (English is my second language). To be precise, I do understand the literal meaning of each proverb, but not the idiomatic one, and in which context you would use it.
I would really appreciate if some of you (the more, the better:) could help my out here. All your opinions count!
Here they are:

1. The back of one is the face of another.

2. To carry care into your bed is to sleep with a pack on your back.

3. If you must srtike a man from behind, slap him on the back.

4. It's a poor back that can't press its own shirt.

5. Ladies in slacks should not turn their backs.

6. Nothing goes over the devil's back that doesn't come back under the devil's belly.

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